Ground Safety Team

Safety First Sign illustration

If you see something, say something!

“Freeze the scene!” if you experience a near miss, accident or incident, then contact your safety advocates (see below) for assistance.  Most importantly, file a GSAP.

Phone:  303.348.4023

Safety Advocates

  • Betsy Keithline, DENCS
  • Michael Scott, DENCS
  • Joann Bertram, DENCG
  • Lori Frisk, DENCS
  • Gary Johnson, DENCG
  • Mary Lopez, DENCG
  • Tim McKenna, MTE
  • Bill O’Conner, DENCG

The Denver Ground Safety team is dedicated to keeping all co-workers safe.  Let’s work with each other, not against each other, to ensure everyone’s safety at work.

Ground Safety Action Program (GSAP)

  • Do you have a safety concern?
  • Are you aware of any safety hazards at your workplace?
  • Have you experienced a near-miss?
  • Would you like to self-disclose an inadvertent violation of company policy?

If so, the Ground Safety Team wants to know what happened and why so we can prevent it from happening again.  File a GSAP.