“It is better to be safe than sorry.”  – American Proverb


Local Lodge 1886 would like to welcome Nic Haberman to his new role as LL1886 Communicator.  Nic is a RSM for American Airlines at Denver International Airport and is a proud member of LL1886.   We look forward to seeing his newsletter in our email soon!  Welcome, Nic!


LL1886 Delegates to the 2017 IAM Transportation Conference

Back row:  Rich Robinson, Terri Crandall, John Staton Jr., General Vice President of Transportation Sito Pantoja, Scott Wooton,
Jim Goad, John Martinez, and Sandy Gardner.
Front row:  Stina Bland, Robert Worthman, and Ronnie Stevenson


If you are planning on participating in the GDA Golf Tournament, please let John Martinez know as soon as possible.  Are you part of a team?  Please let John know that as well.

John’s contact information is:
720-988-6489 (mobile)

Thank you!


Save the date!

For information, please contact:

Garry Harper

John Martinez

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